Laser Visuals Ltd

Laser Visuals Limited

Laser Visuals provide expertise in laser show safety:
Apple device laser safety Apps, Scanguard laser show analysis safety software suite and laser safety training days,
along with being UK Dealers for the Pangolin product range.

Laser safety training Laser Display Safety Training
The one day course covers a wide range of laser safety topics targeted specifically for the international light show and entertainment industry. Next training day will be 14 March 2016.
This course also meets the requirements of the ILDA PRO Accreditation scheme.

Advanced Laser Technical Workshop
Learn and participate how to test and evaluate different laser exposures from laser effects
created by galvanometers, diffraction gratings & mirror balls. Pangolin PASS demonstrated.
Workshop day : TBA 2016.

Laser Safety Apps
Laser Safety Apps for Apple Devices
A series of laser safety apps designed specifically for Apple devices. Fully featured apps provides anyone working with lasers the ability to perform complex calculations and access critical laser safety information at a touch.
Scanguard Laser Software Suite
Laser Software
With its easy to use wizards, Scanguard shows you how you can design laser effects that are safe & friendly for your audience to view
Laser Visuals : Pangolin Product Range - laser software
Authorised UK dealers for the Pangolin product range; full details of all the state of the art laser show production and presentation products, including their range of safety products.

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